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Helping you find your way, tell your story, and land a new job that is a good fit for you. 

Hi, I’m Ryan. I became a career coach after a decade in the recruiting industry so I could focus on helping people find their way. Outside of my work, I love to cook, I love to travel, and I love to enjoy all the wonders that our great outdoors has to offer.

My Story

I grew up in Maryland and attended Syracuse University for an undergraduate degree in Economics and a masters degree in Entrepreneurship. During my time at Syracuse I built a small business with my friends, and learned just how difficult it is to hire well and to lead effectively. In 2011 I was lucky enough to land a Technical Recruiting position with an Oracle Systems Integrator that was ultimately acquired by Deloitte. After a few years there, I was recruited away to join Korn Ferry International where I served on the Global Chief Information Officer’s Practice. With Korn Ferry I had the opportunity to learn from some of the best executive search practitioners in the world, and facilitated C-suite hires on behalf of some of the world’s most valuable companies. After several years and a promotion with KFY, I joined a pre-IPO advertising technology company. There, I had the opportunity to configure and implement the enterprise Applicant Tracking System, hire the Enterprise CTO, refine the engineering hiring process, and to teach all employees about hiring and interviewing best practices. After a successful IPO, I joined a staffing firm in Austin Texas to serve as General Manager with a team of 18 executive recruiters.

In 2019 I started coaching full time with a focus on helping executives prepare to make a change after a long stretch with their current employers. Along the way I found that I love learning about the paths people take in their careers, I love teaching people how to find their way, I love sharing my perspective on hiring and recruiting, and ultimately I love helping people make the most of their careers.

My Values & Beliefs

Win and Help Win

I believe in providing high value, practical, and outcomes focused coaching and education services for experienced corporate professionals.

Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated

I believe in being thoughtful, thorough, considerate, and empathetic and have found that those tendencies can be beneficial throughout any job search.

Honesty, Authenticity, and Transparency

I believe that you are who you are, and that being honest about that reality can make your search much easier.  Accepting yourself, being honest about what you want and need, and helping others understand the value you can provide is fundamental to an effective job search.

My Approach

I focus on helping people build their frame of reference on the hiring process by sharing insights, examples, and best practices that come from my career in recruiting and my second career in coaching.” 

When I work with clients one on one, we start with a high level discussion of where you feel you are in your career, where you’d like to go, and what specifically you’d like to focus on in our work together. 

Once we have established our plan, we talk through your entire career from start to finish. This usually takes two or three one hour sessions, and serves two core purposes. The first is to gather the information we need to build your professional positioning (your resume and LinkedIn profile), and the second is to get you in the habit of telling your story in an interview style conversation. 

From there I write the rough draft of your new resume from the ground up and present the rough draft to you during our first go to market strategy session. 

In the Go to Market phase of our work together we will work through finding and evaluating opportunities that are a good fit for you. I will teach you how I find opportunities to consider, and how to appropriately identify and connect with people who can help you along the way. 

In the Interview Coaching phase we start with a mock screening call, similar to what you would face when working with a recruiter or executive search associate. In the second Interview Coaching session we can repeat the same screening interview to practice, or we can transition to preparing for group interviews, technical screenings, and presentations. 

In the last session of the program we talk through opportunity evaluation, negotiations, and closing the deal. 

In total this is 7 1-hour sessions of 1:1 time

  1. Direction setting / building our plan
  2. Resume and LinkedIn Intake Session I
  3. Resume and LinkedIn Intake Session II
  4. Go to Market Strategy 
  5. Interview Coaching Session I
  6. Interview Coaching Session II
  7. Opportunity Evaluation, Negotiations, and Closing the Deal

Choosing to work with Ryan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my career. Ryan is easy to talk to, knowledgeable on every aspect of the job market, and he is very efficient. He answered every question I had and made the time to coach me when I needed it. Thanks to Ryan, I started hearing back from companies within the day when I had previously not heard back at all. The resume that Ryan created tells my story in a much clearer way, but it still feels like me. 


I would (and already have) highly recommend Ryan for anyone that just needs some help navigating today’s job market – he knows what they’re looking for, and how to bridge the gap between what they are looking for and what you’re looking for.

Jennifer Adkins

When it was time for me to pursue a new opportunity I was looking for a true partner that would help guide me through the entire process. I found that and more with Ryan. His approach to developing a full strategy to help me find the best opportunity was both personal and complete. Ryan listens to understand what you have accomplished but also what you want out of your next opportunity and he provides candid feedback to help guide you though your journey. After my experience with Ryan, I am a client for life and would, without a doubt, recommend Ryan to anyone looking for their next opportunity.

Trey Roeder

Incredible work. Ryan is direct, professional, efficient, and thorough. His knowledge of the executive search and interview process is top notch. He worked with me over the course of a couple weeks and the result was a flood of high quality job offers. I was able to pick the job I liked the best and was hired within a week. Even if you’re skilled at the interview process, I would still recommend hiring him to polish your profile. I’m a very satisfied customer.

Jimmy Hendricks

I’ve told Ryan this a few times, but I think of him as the ‘air traffic controller’ of career consulting – he possesses the same calm, collected demeanor that makes you instantly know you’re in the right hands. I was apprehensive about a recent job change and very unsure of how to proceed; Ryan instantly helped me put those fears aside and helped me to begin thinking more concretely about what I wanted, and what I needed to do to get there. 


His resume-writing skills are phenomenal, and the end product was clearly superior to anything I would have produced on my own. I’m sure he was responsible for the large spike in interest I received after refreshing my resume. 


Ryan also has an uncanny ability to drill down deeply into your goals and really help you understand what you’re looking for, what your dream job truly is. He truly cares for his clients and follows up regularly to make sure things are going well – he is not the kind of consultant who ghosts once he gets paid. Once you’ve got Ryan on your team, he’s on your team for good. 


Trust me, Ryan is basically the All State Insurance of career consulting: you’re in good hands.

Matthew Buch

 Ryan helped me find my confidence again by asking questions to remind me of what I have done throughout my career and believe in myself again. Ryan worked with me to enhance my resume and LinkedIn profile, and to improve my interview and negotiating skills. Ryan knows how to ask the right questions that challenge you to think differently about yourself and your accomplishments without you even realizing that he’s doing it. In every conversation I felt like I was the only person Ryan was working with – his thoughtful patience, probing questions, and experience as a recruiter make him an amazing coach. I recommend Ryan to anyone who is looking to stand out in the recruiting process and who needs help figuring out what the next step is and how best to get there.

Amy Basnage

Ryan was a tremendous resource as I considered alternative career paths and looked for ways to develop professionally. While I can think of numerous ways in which Ryan helped me evaluate myself and new opportunities to consider, what I valued the most was his consistency and fact-based approach to a process that can be very emotionally driven. I look back on some of the guiding principles Ryan helped me bring to the surface, that were important to me, and feel very thankful that I had an opportunity to work with him. I consider Ryan and mentor, expert in his field, and friend.

Jim McGinn

 Ryan has and innate ability to empower you forward and has been a powerful professional guide, helping me understand how I wanted to shape the next phase of my career. From our first meeting, he worked with me to fully understand exactly what I hoped to achieve with an executive coach, what questions I would need to answer to understand my next career moves, and what to focus on to achieve those goals by eliminating the “noise” of decision-making. We worked together over the course of the last year to lay out a comprehensive plan and navigated very specific professional scenarios. The most valuable thing he did for me was to teach me not to just be intelligent, but to be distinctive and to bring intention into all of my actions. I continue to work with him and highly recommend him to anyone who is ready to seriously take charge of their professional growth and career.

Lael Ellis

A search for a “resume writer” to update my LinkedIn profile led me to Ryan – who is so much more than a writer. Using his experience in executive recruiting, he provides advice and counsel that far exceeds standard career coaching. He took the time to get to know me, understand my career experiences and future goals. From there we tailored my resume and optimized my LinkedIn page. I saw an increase in recruiter views almost immediately! I highly recommend Ryan and would definitely work with him again.

Erin Pryor

After a successful 20+ year career with the company that hired me fresh out of college, it was time for something new. Prior to connecting with Ryan, I hadn’t updated my resume since graduating nor had I kept up with the ever-changing digital job search landscape. Within a few weeks, Ryan provided me with a rock star resume, an aggressive search strategy, the skills to navigate today’s job market and the confidence to pull it all together.


Rarely does someone exceed my expectations in the manner Ryan did. He is very approachable, impeccably professional and his guidance through the career space is first-class.

Brian Treff

Before contacting Ryan, I had pretty good sense of my career goals in consumer product development and big data / AI, but I had a mess of a resume. I am fortunate in that I have had a lot of diverse and interesting experiences but they in no way aligned to or made sense in terms of the story I needed to tell. Ryan quickly assessed my needs and put together an efficient process that help sift through the riff-raff and build a career narrative that told the right story about me and my work experiences. On top of that, through Ryan interviewing me, I was able to reframe past experiences in a way that demonstrated that I have had deeper, longer, and more substantive experience in ML and NLP than I had been previously communicating. This got me to a place where I felt really confident telling my story. And, I have an elegantly formatted document that I am proud to share with prospective employers.


After we finished the resume, I hired Ryan for career coaching. I felt really, really good about the work we had done on the resume and wanted to test the waters with a job search. I was not and am not unhappy with my current role. The resume rewrite – in addition to giving me a great document – helped me better articulate my goals. My current role was getting about 70% of the way there and I wanted to see if other roles might help me achieve even more. Ryan structured a methodical, organized process that had us collaborate on sourcing possible roles, developing criteria to assess open reqs, determining which ones to apply to, and identifying networking contacts to get a foot in the door. He also helped with interview preparation and coaching. Ryan also helped me develop a set of criteria against which to measure my current and prospective opportunities. I have never felt more prepared or empowered going into any job interview. 


Ultimately, I decided to stay put because my current role was the best available fit considering my specific goals. Where there were identifiable gaps, Ryan help me put together a plan and identify a communication strategy to address my concerns. I could not be happier with Ryan or with his services. I will for sure work with him again for general career coaching and job searches in the future.

Chad Connally

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