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Brian Hurtak - Fortune 500 Portfolio Governance

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Wondering how the world of portfolio management and governance look like?

In this episode, we sit down with Brian Hurtak, Executive Director of Portfolio Governance and Insights at Wells Fargo.

Brian takes us on a journey through his career, starting from his days as a loan officer and progressing through various roles within the financial sector.

At Wells Fargo, Brian oversees the Portfolio Management Office (PMO), ensuring that projects align with business strategies and compliance requirements.

Drawing from personal experiences, Brian reflects on how his background in sports and academic pursuits, including his MBA from Georgia Tech, influenced his leadership style and analytical thinking.

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    Podcast Index


    00:00: Introduction to Kevin Wertz and his background

    01:10: Discussion on Career Challenges and Realities

    02:04: Kevin’s Philosophy on Career and Growth

    32:08: Transition from Agency to Client-Side Roles

    43:39: Approach to Hiring and Organizational Culture at Campbell Ewald

    About this guest

    Brian Hurtak

    A thorough, creative, and empathetic Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management Executive with 20 years of progressive experience across the Marketing, Project Management, and Program Management functions.

    With 8+ years of experience as a Fortune 100 Executive, driven to build large-scale programs, expand enterprise capabilities, and deliver outcomes with a focus on prioritization and alignment of strategic objectives to measurable bodies of work.